Music on the magnificient Kangasala organ from 1929 in Tampere Cathedral

International guests and local top-notch organists perform in seven different concerts on Thursdays, 19:00. Tampere Cathedral, a national romantic monument with its symbolistic frescoes, is a perfect place to hear monumental and mystic, sometimes also humoristic music for the organ!

Tampere Cathedral main organ, built by Kangasala organ factory, dates from 1929, with reused pipes from 1907 Walcker organ. It is an eclectic mix of international organ styles. predominantly suited for romantic and impressionist music. With 69 stops, it is one of the largest organs in Finland and unsurpassed in power and magnificience, yet containing numerous mystic and poetic registers.

The Cathedral houses also a smaller organ in baroque style, which is also played in some of the concerts.


  • 28th June: Franz Danksagmüller (GER)

  • 5th July: Riikka Viljakainen (FIN)

  • 12th July: Tomi Satomaa (FIN)

  • 19th July: Kaisa Alasaarela (FIN)

  • 26th July: Marina Viaizia (RUS)

  • 2nd August: Olivier Eisenmann (SUI)

  • 9th August: Esa Toivola (FIN)

Free entry. Program leaflet costs 10 €.